new languages

My teachers always told me
that I had a flair for learning languages
and it’s something that
I’ve always tried to develop myself
as a hobby.
But lately,
trying to learn this new language
has been a challenge,
and not in a fun way.
The words feel clumsy in my mouth
and I cannot seem to
wrap my tongue around the syllables
without tar spilling from my throat.
The letters don’t flow well,
they fall out in garbled half-sentences
so there’s no chance I’m going to be understood.

Writing the language always seems to come easier
than trying to butcher my way through
an unfamiliar pronunciation.
“I’m sorry”
“I understand you’re hurting”
“This is why I’m doing this”.

So difficult to actually say,
so I’ll just type them instead
because at least I have spell-check
to help me out.

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