Is it a weight
on my shoulders?
It’s not.
I would have to care
for it to weight me down.
I’m too tired to care.

diet culture

If there is one conversation
that I could remove from my everyday life,
it would be diet talk.
“Oh, I need to lose weight!”
Do you need to?
Or do you feel like you have to
because that is what all the signs are telling you?
Food does not have any inherent moral value;
food has no concept of Good or Bad.
You are not “naughty”
for eating that slice of cake;
you are simply hungry
and craving cake
Food is made out to be “sinful”,
and then people wonder why our teenagers
and young adults
are suffering with eating disorders
when they are all but taught
that they should feel guilty for eating.
In a world that is constantly telling you
to shrink yourself down,
that if you’re not skinny,
you don’t deserve comfort;
in a society that determines your worth
by the coins you have
or the pounds you lose,
the most radical thing you can do
is love yourself,
exactly as you are.